Tuesday, February 14, 2012

People of Brothel

In Bangladesh, there are 60,000 -100,000 people in prostitution. Approximately 1 million men buy prostituted women and children in Bangladesh. 65 percent of 135 surveyed women and girls in brothels in Bangladesh were between age 11 and 13; 33 percent were between age 13 and 15. There are 15,000 to 20,000 children in street prostitution in Dhaka, most of whom are in prostitution before reaching 12 years of age. Bangladeshi women, who have been in prostitution, fear and risk being killed by their own families through honor-killings. The Tanbazar brothel in Narayanganj is a market for the sale of minor girls. At least 50 minors were kept hidden in the brothel, and when discovered, police did not attempt to help the girls imprisoned there or arrest the owners. 

Source - 
(Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association, "Open sale of little girls at Tanbaza brothel," Daily Star, 2 July 1998)
 (CATW - Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific)
(BNWLA survey, police estimates, Fawzia Karim Firoze & Salma Ali of the Bangladesh National Women Layer Association," Bangladesh Country Paper: Law and Legislation") 

[The Story are covered in a brothel which is near to Dhaka, Bangladesh. ]

More than 300+ sex-workers live in this brothel who are locally called “Nori”. They are not permitted to cross the compound. 

Locally she is known as aunt . She was also a “Nori” before.  She owns three rooms with 12 “Nori” & earns BDT 9600 per day. 

Girls from different places come here; 

sometimes willingly (rare), sometimes cheated by their husband, beloved, step mother or others. 

Probably “Destiny” make them come here. 

Shimu (20) was sold here within 4 months of her marriage. On the way to  Cox’sbazar with her husband, she felt sleep and found her destination here. 

Lili (15), her step mother sold her one year ago. The  shock made her  mentally disordered  and  speechless. 

Romij (34) and three more security guards get BDT 2.00 from each “Nori” per day. 

Average per day expenses for each “Nori” is BDT 700 for Food & shelter & BDT 100 for drugs & others. Minimum sex-trade fee is BDT 110  (10 taka for condom)

Everything is to survive …
Every thing is for money…

Negotiation can take place any time, any moment.

If any “Nori” fall in love with any man he is called BABU. They are paid by “Nori” to be with them.  Rajesh (37) locally known as “BABU”.

Most of the child know what their mothers' profession. 

Some of them are make fun within them – through which they can forget their pain.

KOLI (20) already planed to sell her child. That is not for money, for betterment of her child. 

Munmun (5) doesn't know the world outside.
Depali (25), her mother was sold by her husband when she was just 17. She wants Munmun to be a Doctor. But  now the only need is a “Shelter Home”. 

From their point of view they are not problem for the society, they are “Social Workers”.
May be they are right or wrong. But now there is no alternative way for them.
But what about the children born here ?
Will they be able to come out from Darkness ...???

Story By
Atik Ullah Sayeed

Special Thanks to 
AFM GAZI (My Co-photographer)
Mustafiz Bhai (Shuktara Kallan Shamity) 
Ahmed Sharif (TTL)
Local MP and others.