Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bengali Folk Theatre-Jatra Pala

Bengali Folk Theatre-Jatra Pala
Jatra means journey in actual. In Bengal Jatra term is known as a kind of folk theatre. Basically the Jatras are based on ancient epics and current socio-politics. The time it actually takes round about 4 hour with a combination of dialogues and music with dancing. In one word this is a musical drama. Songs, dialogues and dances are the main attraction of the Jatra as well as the topic on which the Jatra is based upon. 

The back stage story made one “Moushumi Jatra Pala” unit. They are form Kustia, Bangladesh. Nearly 45 members work on the unit. Most of are hindu religion. They believe in “Laxmi” 

Before artist take make up, the room is prepared for them.
The Hero (Shuvagoto) preparing himself for the show.
Make-up session going on.

Beside the preparation somebody are doing fun in the back stage.

Final check on the script.

Stage is ready

Also music team

Showing regards to “Laxmi”. They believe- She will bring good luck for them.


Congratulating each other for a successful show-

It’s all about brother hood. Most of the time, they have to spend 4-5 months all around the country. 
They believe this is their family.

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