Saturday, December 10, 2011

Deep Reddish Dancing Moon (Lunar eclipse 2011)

December 10, Lunar eclipse 2011 is visible in a large part of the world today. People are eager to see the lunar eclipse when the eclipse is full with many suggesting that this time, during the lunar eclipse, the moon would look unusually big.

The excitement is at an all time high among people all over the world. They are eager to know as to when it will be the best time to watch it and are there any precaution in watching it.

Generally eclipses are around an hour. The longest lunar eclipse goes up to an hour and 40 minutes, so it is on a bit of a short side for an eclipse…Generally there are two or three eclipses each year, so somewhere on the planet you can see it, but we’ve got a bit of a wait before we see our next total lunar eclipse”.

Lunar eclipses can occur only when the full moon, Earth, and the sun are aligned so that the moon crosses through Earth's shadow.

Due to the moon's tilted orbit around Earth, lunar eclipses happen only a few times a year.

Rather than going completely dark, the moon takes on a deep reddish hue during a total lunar eclipse.

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